It’s the perfect season for Chaetomium Mould

It’s the perfect season for  Chaetomium Mould

Chaetomium is a mould that thrives in damp conditions. As winter approaches, damp homes provide the perfect environment for the growth and spread of this mould species. Damp homes provide a multitude of nutrients for this type of mould, including wallpaper, drywall, baseboards, window frames, carpets, and certain cotton materials. Due to this, Chaetomium can be extremely difficult to contain once it infects a home, making early identification crucial.

Human health can be seriously compromised by the Chaetomium mould. Mycotoxins are released in high quantities, which are toxic to humans and can cause a variety of symptoms. Symptoms can range from skin infections to coughs and colds. The longer a household is exposed to Chaetomium, the more severe these health conditions become. Mycotoxins can be absorbed by humans through skin contact, breathing in spores, or eating contaminated foods.

Focus Analytics offers independent mould testing and identification for residential and commercial properties. We analyse both air and surface samples for mould. If you have suspicions that Chaetomium or any other mould type could be present in your property, contact us for spore trap or tape lift analysis.