Safely Submit Samples

At Focus we constantly strive to deliver speed and quality analysis while keeping costs as low as possible for you, our valued clients.

Safe Sample Collection

As Asbestos is a known hazardous material, please wear appropriate personal protective equipment and suitable respiratory protective equipment when collecting materials for testing.

In general, the lab needs approximately a couple of square inches of hard material or a couple of teaspoons of loose material.  We need at least a cup or larger of vermiculite attic insulation for a qualitative test

We will only receive samples that are double-bagged to safeguard Focus staff. Please place your sample into a zip-locked bag, then place that bag into a second zip-locked bag. Then place all sample bags in a larger bag or parcel along with the completed Chain of Custody Sheet. We cannot accept bags that are torn or cannot be completely sealed.

Chain of Custody Sheet

All clients must complete a Chain of Custody Sheet with the details of where and when they obtained the sample. The Chain of Custody Sheet is your instruction to Focus Analytics and forms part of our ISO17025 accreditation. This must include all necessary information to enable us to identify and track your sample within our laboratories and return our E-Certificates to you quickly and accurately.

Your sample must have a uniquely identifying ‘Order/Sample Number’ so that there is no confusion in the booking-in, analysing, reporting and invoicing processes.

If your Chain of Custody Sheetis incomplete it may lead to a delay in processing. We cannot book-in the job and pass to the appropriate laboratory if there is incomplete information.

Safely handover to Focus staff

When you deliver or courier samples to Focus –they must be received in double-bags with no breaks or oozing content. Any bags received that may put our staff at risk will not be received.

Focus staff are required to communicate with clients if attention is required to reduce risk.

Samples booked into Air, Bulk or Soil Laboratories

When samples aresafely received, the uniquely identifying information is logged into our computerised Alpha Tracker System and scheduled for analysis by the appropriate laboratory.

The Laboratory Technical Manager assesses the run sheet for all jobs booked in each day and prioritises the urgent samples.

All laboratory analysis sheets and E-Certificates are Quality Checked at the end of each day and emailed to clients.