FocusAnalytics COVID-19 Update

FocusAnalytics COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 virus has become a significant risk not only to the health and wellbeing of our communities, but also our businesses. We are taking the following steps to ensure that you are well protected, as well as ensuring that we have your analysis delivered with the same quality.

As much as we enjoy the opportunities to catch up with all our valued clients, we understand that ‘social distancing’ is a necessary activity, so we can flatten the curve.

We are very aware that there will be upcoming supply issues for consumables that are required to perform our analysis, and for our clients to conduct their work. As such, we have taken a pro-active stance ensuring that we have robust relationships with our current suppliers as well as alternative providers for any eventualities.
Currently we are noticing a shortage of air monitoring cowls, so clients should be aware that these are being stock-piled by us to ensure your works can continue. If you are running very low for these, please be proactive and let us know, so we can keep you replenished.

24/07 Dropbox, Hygiene and Drop-off station 

The lab is taking ‘social distancing’ very seriously, and we have set up two options for sample drop off. The first is our remote 24 hour drop boxes at our Penrose laboratory as well as at ARE’s Mt Wellington branch. Samples can be dropped off at these drop boxes 24/07. Samples must be in pre-paid courier bags, safety double-bagged with COC forms attached.
In addition, we have setup a sample drop zone, so our clients can drop in samples without the need to go INTO the office to see the staff. By reducing the direct contact our clients have with our staff, we disrupt the potential for the virus to spread.
Thirdly, we have set up a ‘Hygiene Station’, so if you would like to come in and speak to the staff, please use the Iso-wipes and hand towels before you enter the lab.