Ricky Singh - Focus Analytics

Ricky Singh

Coordinator / Asbestos Analyst

Ricky Singh is an Asbestos Analyst based at Focus Analytics. Ricky originally hails from the “burning west” (Lautoka), the western part of the Viti Levu, Fiji Islands.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s in environmental chemistry from the University of South Pacific in 2005. In Fiji Islands, Ricky by profession was a secondary school teacher teaching Chemistry and Biology. In Fiji, he taught schools in Suva, Nadi, and Lautoka. He made a move to New Zealand to further his qualification in Environmental Science in the year 2014.

His Master’s research was focused on a baseline assessment of freshwater resources, and characteristics of soils, surroundings proposed rapid infiltration site near Lake Rotoiti. Ricky’s academic background together with chemical analytical experience makes him a valuable asset at Focus Analytics. He manages the qualitative and semi-quantitative of the soil department at Focus Analytics.

Ricky has a holistic understanding of land use and its interactions with the surrounding environment He is also very interested in researching and finding environmentally sustainable solutions. Ricky has vast experience in project management involving field and laboratory work and reporting.

Outside of his role at Focus Analytics Ricky loves photography, painting and going on hikes.